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001. ようこそ! 환영합니다! Welcome!

Kelli:  Hi!

Annie:  Yo yo!

Kelli:  Welcome to Hello Kimchi!  This is the place we’ve created to talk about Asian [American] stuff we try and discover around where we live and travel.  Also, to review resources and fun stuff we find online.

Annie:  Think of it as a sort of scrapbook with lots of critiques and experiential stories.  Maybe like Pinterest…but with less weddings and baby stuff.

Kelli:  Quick background – I’m not an “otaku” – neither in the Americanized sense of the word nor the actual Japanese cultural meaning…  But I recently developed an interest in Asian pop culture, through my dabbling in Asian pop music.

Annie: Out of the two of us, I guess I’m the closest to being an “otaku”…more in the Americanized sense of the word.  Well, rather than being and otaku, I think it’s more that I understand otakus.  I read manga (mainly shoujo and josei, but some others) and I used to watch some anime for a couple of years, though I don’t really do that anymore.  I, too, like Asian pop music and lived in Japan for a three years after school.

Kelli:  We’re not really outside the culture – I grew up in an Asian American household.

Annie:  And I grew up in an Asian immigrant household.

Kelli:  Anyway, we hope you have fun reading!

Annie:  And we hope we help you find some cool stuff to get into!

Kelli & Annie:  Hugs and kimchi!

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