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005. Maeda Atsuko’s New Single!

Almost a year after releasing her 1st single, AKB 48’s Maeda Atsuko has released her 2nd single, “君は僕だ”(kimi wa boku da). There are 3 different versions that you can purchase this single on. All 3 “Acts” come with a CD and DVD. The CD of course has 君は僕だ,右肩, and a 3rd song that varies between the different Acts. The DVD has the promotion video for the single, the dramatic version of the promotion video, and a bonus clip that varies depending on which version you buy. I decided on Act 1 for myself. The 3rd single on Act 1 is 遠回り and the bonus clip on the DVD was the making for 君は僕だ.

君は僕だ PV

君は僕だ PV

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