Back! Went on an unexpected hiatus. I was distracted with finishing up summer and lost track of time. Please forgive me. A lot has happened in the K-Pop world in the last couple of weeks, with new releases, etc. K-Pop finally made it onto US Radio with PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. I’m super excited! Woo Hoo, K-Pop on US radio! 🙂

Sexy Love MV

One of my favorite new releases is actually from T-ara. They released their newest single, “Sexy Love”. Of course, I am loving this track. It’s right up there with “Roly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey” with a dance heavy beat. Of course this song comes shortly after Hwayoung’s unexpected and controversial departure from the group. This leaves me to believe that Ahreum’s rapping in the song was actually meant for Hwayoung. My only complaint about Ahreum’s rapping part, the auto-tune to the point of inaudible distortion. I find it buggy.

Of course there are multiple versions of this music video. I was wondering how they were going to be able to use this song in the continuation of the “Day By Day” saga. If I really thought about it, I probably could have guessed on the first try. Yeah, that’s right a club scene, which is basically serving the main purpose of this dance number. T-ara threw in a little fighting scene and voila we’ve got a dramatic music video. I personally prefer the dance only version because I have an attention span of a 2 year old and cannot sit to watch anything for more than 5 minutes. The only thing that bothered me about the dance video was making the girls pose/act like robotic dolls. I know, I know, the music is very robotic and so the dance, I’m sure is inspired by that. My complaint is that these girls are already pop idols that ooze unrealistic expectations for girls to want to live up to  so having them act and look like dolls furthers that gap just a little more. And plus, dolls are just creepy.

The biggest issues I have with the release of this single is the fact that the “Day by Day” EP is being repackaged into “Mirage”. I really really loathe when record labels do this just to squeeze every last cent from my wallet. Instead of several MINI albums, why can’t they just do one FULL album charge an arm and a leg and call it a day. I don’t want to buy the same songs again and again because the addition of one new song. Luckily, I waited this time and US itunes has the album up and I only downloaded the one song. This was good for me, because I am technically on a no spending money on nonessential items ban.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I recommend this one, the dance version. You can go to youtube and look for the drama version on LOEN’s channel if  you’d like.




P.S. – Can some one please tell Ahreum to dye her hair back to a darker color? The blonde look is horrible on her because she’s so fair skinned that it seriously washes her out.

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