020. BEAST Goodies!

Hiya! Two post in one day… say whaaa?! 😛

I couldn’t resist because this just arrived in the mail!

Beast Goodies!

I have been waiting for over a week, since I found out that this baby shipped. I was about to give up hope, but surprise! Okay, I’m not that dramatic. Last night, I just discovered that they had Midnight Sun on  iTunes for the US. I was sooo excited! But, then I remembered that I had ordered the album from Soompi, so I sadly resisted the urge to just click download. Needless to say, I was very happy to see my copy today. First off, the packaging for this mini-album is impressive! The detailing with the masquerade mask is my favorite part. I love the hard/soft elements mixed together. I feel like this should be a double deluxe edition or something, at least that’s what it would be here in the States. With the Soompi order came a folded poster and two stickers. To be honest, I’m not sure why I ordered this through Soompi, since I don’t plan on hanging up the poster or using the stickers. Hmm, now that I think about it even more, I probably would be better off just ordering the album through YesAsia. Oh well, maybe next time. I was surprised by how big the poster was. I should really start paying attention to dimensions when I order things, so I’m not always surprised when I open up my packages.  😛

Midnight Sun front cover

As for the album, admittedly I had not listened to any of the songs outside of “Beautiful Night”. I really have no excuse as to why, except for the simple fact that have been on my 2NE1 kick getting ready for the concert in two weeks! Yay! Sorry, BEAST… 2NE1 had a song called, “I’m the BEST” for a reason! 😛 Just kidding. Anyways, I have just finished listening to all the songs and can happily say… ENJOYED. Yep, enjoyed.

My favorite track is definitely track #3, “내가 아니야” (It’s Not Me). This is going to sound super silly, but I think the main reason is they repeat “Aniya” over and over again. This reminds me of Annie and all her stories of her mom, yelling either at her or for her. Ask her to do an impression of her mom yelling for her. It’s so funny! If you haven’t already hear this song, here is one of their performances of it.

Track #6, “Dream Girl” is also nice too. It has a R&B/Pop sound to it. A little bit more westernized than typical K-Pop music. I think I can get my non-K-pop listening friends to like this track. Actually, I would like more songs like “Dream Girl” to my K-Pop collection. I will have to admit that this mini-album is much better than BigBang’s “Alive” or “Still Alive”, which was released earlier. I think I’m being hard on BigBang since “Tonight” was such an amazing album, that I feel the follow up was just shy of meeting my high expectations. But of course this is not about BigBang. All, I can say is good job Beast, and I can’t wait to hear more!

Also, has anyone else had previous experiences with buying items from Soompi? I was wondering how fast they usually are? This time was actually painful slow, and I’m just wondering if I should stick to CDJapan and YesAsia for all my J/K-pop goodies. At least on those sites I can choose EMS or Fedex, which arrives with 2-3 days after shipping. Or let me know if there is a better site to buy K-pop/J-pop albums that ships to the States! 🙂

Midnight Sun inside cover


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