019. T-ara Drama and Mini Album…

Okay, first off HAPPY AUGUST everyone! 🙂 (*** Just a little note*** I actually wrote this entry on August 1st, but got busy and didn’t get to finalize until now)

I can’t believe we already zoomed through 7 months of 2012! Craziness! August is my (Kelli) favorite month because it’s my birth month! Yay! I won’t tell you how old I am, just that I will be turning the age of awesome! Just kidding. 😉

Day By Day Mini Album

Hmm, what can I say? There have been a lot of news and rumors surrounding one of my favorite K-Pop groups T-ara. With the quick decision to terminate Hwayoung’s contract, to rumors of bullying taking place, T-ara seems to have stepped into a field of quicksand. What the heck is going on? I mean come on, T-ara is a girl group. And girl groups are notorious for creating divas and drama queens, but I mean this much drama of the span of a couple of days? It’s like watching an Asian Drama unfold… and that’s a WHOLE LOT of drama. I’m not sure why Loen Entertainment decided to announce Hwayoung’s removal before getting their story together? Just set the record straight, that’s all I ask as a fan. Even with Hwayoung no longer being a T-ara member, I hope that T-ara can survive this media meltdown. I wish the best for Hwayoung’s future endeavors and hope that she can have a career outside of the group. It’s not uncommon for members to depart from groups in such fashion, remember the original members of Destiny’s Child? There were four members, two which of them were blindsided and replaced by two new members. And Destiny’s Child still had a fan base if not more fans after they changed up the lineup. Or look at Sashihara Rino from Japan’s AKB48 ran into a small scandal a couple of months ago and management didn’t hesitate to slap her hand by transferring her to HKT48. AKB48 survived. So I guess what I’m getting at is things happen, drama happens, so for fans to get all bent out of shape and create online petitions for the disbanding of T-ara seems just silly.

In other T-ara news, well more like personal news. I finally broke down and bought my copy of “Day By Day”. I bought it before all the drama hit the fan and it finally arrived today. I don’t know why I’m always shocked with I receive my T-ara merch in the mail. Much like the Jewelry box, I wasn’t expecting to get a photo book CD case. The photo book is rather large and takes up even more space than the jewelry box.

Inside CD with Photo Book

The last two songs on this mini-album, are actually on their Jewerly box album. The only difference is that on Jewerly box the songs are sung in Japanese and this one the songs are sung in Korean. I’m not sure which I like better. All I know is that I listened to “Hue”, which is titled “T-aratic Magic Music” for the Japanese version, I believe I enjoy the Japanese version better. BUT… that could be based on the simple fact that I originally heard the song in Japanese. It’s like how I feel when I listen to Shakira songs in Spanish first and then I listen to them in English and then it just sounds a bit off, or vice versa. In the end, really no harm done. The only song I think I have an issue with is “Holiday”.  They are singing”Holiday”, but it sounds to be like they are saying “Holy Day”. Maybe that’s what they were going for… but… hmm… I don’t like. Hands down though my favorite song on the mini-album is of course “Day By Day”.

Day By Day Back Cover

What are your opinions about the mini-album? Or the group drama? Do you think T-ara will go on FIGHTING? I hope so!


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