017. B2ST’s “Beautiful Night” = Beautiful Beat with Beautiful People

Beast “Beautiful Night” Music Video

Beast (aka B2st or 비스트), just released their new single, “Beautiful Night”. Cube Entertainment has released teasers for the past couple of days. Similar the 2NE1 teasers, I didn’t know what to think about Beast’s upcoming mini-album. All I really knew was that the music video was going to be colorful and fun. One of the main elements of K-pop that originally and instantly caught my attention was the use of high-energy dance beats. I’ve loved dance music since as far back as I can remember. Even though I used to be a ballet dancer, I can’t dance but I have a strong affection for the energy that is associated with electronic beats. I haven’t been a fan of Beast since their debut, but I can say I am of fan of them now. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea who they were until Hyun-Seung partnered up with Hyuna (4Minute) to create Troublemaker at the end of last year. I loved “Troublemaker” so much that I followed Hyun-Seung into his work with Beast. Even though I am not a diehard fan of Beast, I can certainly appreciate what they have to offer. Beast offers something a little bit different than Big Bang. As much as I love Big Bang, I feel as though G-Dragon and T.O.P. kind of steal the show, whereas with Beast I feel that the talent is a bit more evenly distributed.

As much as I fan-girl over other K-pop groups or Johnny’s Entertainment groups, Beast is one of those groups that I never really fan-girl over. They are probably one of the only groups that I “follow”, where I can objectively formulate rational opinions about their singles or music videos. I’m not, “OMG, look at how gorgeous Dara looks!” or “Jun is my ichiban, I love him regardless if it sounds like he is singing out of his nose!”. This brings me to Beast’s new music video for “Beautiful Night”. It’s kind of funny, that this song is called “Beautiful Night” because the video takes place mostly during the day. As a result, I keep wanting to call this song “Beautiful Day”. I noticed right away that they were walking around New York. Why is it always New York? Why can’t they strut around my neighborhood?!

Beast “Beautiful Night” Music Video – Doon-Joon

How cool would it be to go pick up my mail from my mailbox and see Doon-Joon walking right past me? Would I pass out from excitement or be brave and say, “Heyyyyy!”? I guess, it’s one of those things that I will never know. A side note on New York, this video is like the opposite of Big Bang’s “Blue” and “Bad Boy” video. The major difference is Beast’s video is colorful and lively, and Big Bang’s has a monochromatic aesthetic and slower paced beat. Hmm…Big Bang showed me New York in the wintertime… Beast is showing me New York in the spring/summertime. Who will be the next group to show me New York in the fall time?

This video instantly made me think of a commercial for a clothing brand here in the States. Something that any major department store would use for marketing.This is probably because the most prominent visual of this video was Beast’s flashy, brightly colored clothes. I absolutely love bright colors and ornate patterns, ask Annie. The fact that the boys are wearing bright pinks, orange, or aqua doesn’t strike me as odd. I think I have grown used to the whole Asian pop idol aesthetic. Even the eyeliner on the boys doesn’t strike me as particularly feminine as it once did when I first encountered Asian pop culture. So with that being said, why did I think that Hyun-Seung and Dong-Woon had sort of a feminine style in this video? They are already naturally “pretty”, blessed with good genes and here Cube Entertainment goes and puts them in clothes that I would probably wear. The clothes makes them look even “prettier” than they already look. Okay, I probably wouldn’t wear what Dong-Woon wore, but I would definitely like to rock his hairstyle and the color of his outfit.

Beast “Beautiful Night” Music Video – Dong-Woon

Beast “Beautiful Night” Music Video – Hyun-Seung

Hyun-Seung’s blue outfit makes him look like a firecracker popsicle.  This look is not one of my favorite looks of his. It’s the long, loose, “firecracker” red hair that kills the entire thing for me. I really hope he goes back to his previous hair color. Are the boys new hairdos going to be the future of K-Pop boy band hairstyle? The hairstyles are not terrible, but they are not particularly good either. What can I say? Overall, this video is fun. I am glad that it is not the typical Asian pop idol music video. You know, where the boys dancing in front of a green screen with random close up shots to make all the fans scream with glee.

As for the song itself. Of course I like it. I was telling Annie last night, without even watching the music video, I really enjoy the song. Right from the get-go this song has a really pleasant rhythm to it. And my favorite part of the song has to be when Hyun-Seung sings. I will definitely be adding this song to my summer playlist!

Beast “Beautiful Night” Music Video

Hugs & Kimchi,

P.S. Check out the video if you haven’t done so already. What do you think?

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