016. Clover Bakery (San Jose, CA)

Hey there!

The other day Annie posted her Mushi Pan baking adventures. I am here to tell you… I neither cook, nor bake. I buy other people’s cooking and baking… because they are better at it than me. 🙂 So here are my cooking adventures… going to the local bakery and buying baked goods. Yummy baked goods as a matter of fact! I have been meaning to do a post on Clover Bakery for awhile now. Every time I go… I rush home, sit at my dining table and eat my goodies right out of the bag! I usually only have crumbs left when I remember to take pictures. 🙂

Clover Bakery Curry Pan

Clover Bakery & Cafe (クローバーベーカリー) is a cute, little Japanese bakery/cafe located in San Jose, California. The exact address can be found on their website. www.cloverbakery.com. To be perfectly honest, I am not familiar with Japanese bakeries. Heck, I’m not all that familiar with American ones. So I am speaking strictly from my love of savory foods… and bread. 🙂 Clover Bakery sells… you guessed… baked goods. But, I would assume not the kind of baked goods that you and I are familiar to. Or maybe you are familiar with these, and I’m just slow on the pick up. Either way when you think bakery, you usually think cakes, cupcakes, cookies, french rolls, cinnamon rolls, bagels, etc. List can go on forever. But how about a bakery that specializes in bread… like curry-filled bread, spaghetti-filled bread, or a spicy tuna spread on top of bread? Correct me if I’m wrong, American bakeries don’t usually have these types of deliciousness going on. If they do, please let me know where! Ok, fine Andersen Bakery slightly similar, but definitely more expensive.

Clover Bakery Spaghetti Bread

The thought of spaghetti stuffed inside bread is enough to make some drool or some head towards the door. I was used to be one of those that would have probably ran towards the door because of my finicky taste buds. But, then I thought I love spaghetti and I love bread… so spaghetti + bread must = amazing?! And I will say, the equation does add up. My whole obsession with this bakery started when Annie bought me a fried curry pan. If you love Japanese curry, you will probably enjoy curry pan. (Japanese word for bread = pan, in case you didn’t know). Their vegetable curry pan satisfies my taste buds. But be forewarned, one time I actually forgot I was eating bread, ate 3 breads with one being a spaghetti bread. I fell into a food coma due to the carb overload. Oops.

Clover bakery also sells pastries like a variety of fruit danishes, cream filled bread, etc. I haven’t taken the opportunity to try one of these yet, but I’m sure their sweet additions are just as delicious as their savory ones. The list of breads they sell are also one their website. I will say this, their prices are reasonable if not cheap for what they are selling. I think the most I’ve actually ever spent in one trip was $7. And that was for 6 different kinds of breads. They are always having specials. And if you follow them on twitter, they often have a secret catch phrase that you can use to get special deals.

Clover Bakery Yakisoba Bread (Today’s Special $1)

The item that I am most interested in is their Christmas cake. I know it’s summertime, so why I am thinking about Christmas? Well, because I was browsing their website and saw that they make Christmas cake. It caught my attention and I think this Christmas I am going to order one from them. It will be my first Christmas cake ever! We don’t eat Christmas cake for Christmas in America. If we do, that’s a new revelation to me. 🙂 I think Annie has experienced this Japanese custom, along with the KFC tradition, while she was living in Japan. I find it kind of strange… considering we don’t eat KFC on Christmas either. BUT, maybe this year I can convince my family to do it the Japanese way with KFC and a Christmas cake. Ok, I’m pretty sure that the KFC will not be an option, but maybe I can get away with the Christmas cake!

And lastly, I am really big on customer service especially because I used to work in retail. They employees here are always pleasant and greet you when you first enter the shop. So, if bread doesn’t keep you coming back… at least the people should!

Okay now I must get going because I can’t believe I put off eating my spaghetti bread long enough to write this post! 😛

If you live in the Bay Area, and know of another awesome bakery in the area please leave a comment below or email me at hellokimchi2012@gmail.com. I would love to check it out. Like I said… I love savory foods and bread.

Hugs & Kimchi,

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