014. T-ARA’s “Day By Day” Dance Version and Britney

I can’t stop listening to this song! How about you?

T-ARA "Day By Day" Dance Version

T-ARA “Day By Day” Dance Version

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I was excited to see the Dance version of “Day By Day”. Well, the video has been released. And how can I put this nicely. I am so-so about this dance version. At first, I was didn’t like it at all. Now it’s growing on me… sort of. It helps to watch it after watching a few of their live performances of the song. I, for one found that the video was not edited very well. I don’t do well with constant flashing between shots. I get the feeling of having seizures or something like that. And the back and forth between the black suits and the white suits, somewhat hurt my eyes. But, these are all things I can get over because of the song itself and the original music video. I guess, because of the original music video, I was hoping that this version would be that, but just with dance. Like T-ARA dancing on the bridge or something. Or T-ARA on Motorcycles. Maybe I set my expectations too high? I mean overall, the girls still look beautiful and I always love their funky dance skills.

Day By Day - Eunjung

Day By Day – Eunjung














In this dance version we are introduced to Ahreum, the other newest member. I am actually confused why Dani is not in the video since she was in the original. I know that Dani is not officially going to make her debut with the group until later this year, but I figured since she already showed her face that she would be in this version too. I am still on the fence with Ahreum, just like I am with Dani. I will have to watch her a little more. I think she sticks out when watching the live performances of this song. Not sure what it is, maybe it’s just because she’s new that I’m thinking that she sticks out. I will have to see.

Day By Day - Ahreum

Day By Day – Ahreum












I have been noticing more people commenting on how this song sounds like Britney Spears’ “Criminal”. I had to listen for myself. Although both songs start off with a similar flute solo in the beginning and both have a similar catchy rhythm, I really don’t think that “Day By Day” is a rip off of “Criminal”. Similar sounding… yes, copy… no. The same thing can be said about Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”… sounds strangely similar to a Madonna song, yet the radio played this song to death. Besides, I’m not sure why people are getting all fussy about it anyway. In this day and age, is there anything truly original sounding? Probably not. Most artist draw their inspirations from other artist, who too were also inspired by other artist. So in all actuality everyone copies everyone. I mean really, are we going to have another Vanilla Ice VS. David Bowie situation? I don’t think so. The songs sound similar, but you can tell they are clearly two different songs.

I am just hoping that one day T-ARA can cross over to the States! Fingers Crossed! 🙂

Hugs & Kimchi,


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