013. Sanrio X Yogurtland Summer 2012


If you don’t know who I’m referring to, please check out your local Yogurtland starting from TODAY!

Hello Kitty is back at Yogurtland and she brought some familiar pals – Badtz Maru, Little Twin Stars and TuxedoSam. I nearly freaked out when I saw the shadow sticker hanging outside my Yogurtland the other day. It had a big JULY 10th printed on it, and I immediately entered the date into my calendar. Last summer, I went a little crazy and bought the entire collection minus the T-Shirt  and the tote bag. The tote bag wasn’t available at my Yogurtland, but if it were I probably would have purchased it too! This summer I made it easy for myself. I bought the entire collection in one go. 🙂 If you know me (Kelli), you know that I am an avid Hello Kitty collector. Some people collect stamps, some people collect cars, and some people collect empty liquor bottles. I just happen to collect an adorable white cat who wears a red bow.

Sanrio x Yogurtland Merchandise

Sanrio x Yogurtland Merchandise

The type of merchandise available this year is only slightly different than last year’s. This year they are no longer offering the small plush keychain or the t-shirt. Instead they switched it up and have a gift card holder and 4-pack of character buttons. To be honest, the gift card holder reminds of me of the plastic coin pouches that they sell in the Sanrio store. The most noticeable difference is the Sanrio characters available outside of Hello Kitty. Last year, My Melody, Keroppi, and Chococat were available. I’m hoping that next summer, they bring out Pochacco! Oh and I almost forgot, they have new cups and spoons designs this year! This year the yogurt cups are going to be released in phases, and each have a specific city theme. The cities to be featured are Hollywood, Miami, San Francisco and Honolulu. The Hollywood cup and Hello Kitty spoon came out today.

Sanrio x Yogurtland Keychains

Sanrio x Yogurtland Keychains

To be honest, one of the main reason why I love Sanrio so much is because I grew up with it. As Americanized as my parents raised me in Virginia, I still grew up with Hello Kitty and her pals. Not that liking Sanrio makes me distinctly Asian or anything, but I do remember a time where no one else in my elementary school knew who Hello Kitty was. It was something from my childhood that I had associated with visiting family who tended to have more culture than I did. Now the brand is so globalized you can find Sanrio products literally everywhere. I use to be only be able to get Hello Kitty things when I went to Hawaii for family vacations. It’s nice in a way that the brand has become so popular, just because it’s easier to find things now. Maybe one day I’ll share a photo of my collection. 😉 For now, I will contain and spare you all from the crazy.

If you have a Yogurtland near by, I say definitely check out the collection. If you’re not into Sanrio or Hello Kitty, I say just go anyways, buy a yourself a yogurt. Take an Instagram photo or any photo of your yogurt creation, post it on tumblr for me to see! I love seeing all the toppings people put on their yogurts. I am so boring, I just like plain tart and a little bit of mochi. 😛 And in case you didn’t already know, Hello Kimchi is on Tumblr. You should definitely follow us on Tumblr! hellokimchi2012.tumblr.com

Alright, until next time!

Hugs & Kimchi,


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