005. Maeda Atsuko’s New Single!

Almost a year after releasing her 1st single, AKB 48’s Maeda Atsuko has released her 2nd single, “君は僕だ”(kimi wa boku da). There are 3 different versions that you can purchase this single on. All 3 “Acts” come with a CD and DVD. The CD of course has 君は僕だ,右肩, and a 3rd song that varies between the different Acts. The DVD has the promotion video for the single, the dramatic version of the promotion video, and a bonus clip that varies depending on which version you buy. I decided on Act 1 for myself. The 3rd single on Act 1 is 遠回り and the bonus clip on the DVD was the making for 君は僕だ.

君は僕だ PV

君は僕だ PV

It’s not a secret that am I a fan of Acchan, so it’s not too surprising that to find myself loving this new single. It is more upbeat and catchy than her first single, Flower. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Flower too. This new single is more upbeat, which I tend to favor. If you get a chance you should watch the drama version of the promotion video. I really think Acchan’s acting has improved over the last her last few projects. I tend to prefer her comedic acting, like in Hana Kimi, rather than her dramatic acting.  I always leave feeling like I want to be her friend. 🙂

君は僕だ PV Making of

The other b-side songs on the single 右肩 and 遠回り are also really enjoyable to listen to. I really enjoy Acchan’s voice on 遠回り. I feel like her voice is less nasally on this single, making it more pleasant to listen to. All I can really say is that if this what we can expect to see from her in her new career as only a solo artist I am excited. It makes her graduation from AKB 48 in August slightly less rough. I was worried that she may want to focus on acting after AKB 48, so I was relieved when this single was announced a couple months back. I think this single shows that there can be a Maeda Atsuko outside of AKB 48. I am curious to see where this single will rise to on the Oricon charts.

Hug & Kimchi,

P.S. Annie has been really busy with work lately. I promise she’s still around!  She says she should be back on track shortly after this crazy work week! I’m sure she has some really great things to talk about! 😉

Maeda Atsuko

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